Date: Thu 31 Dec 2009

Commercial Conveyancing

Commercial conveyancing, buying or selling a shop, office, warehouse or any other commercial property is similar to buying a normal house or flat. Just as with a house or flat we check the title and carry out prudent enquiries but commercial property, by its very nature, is often more complicated and there are important differences.

Most commercial property is leasehold. If you are buying, remember, leases are drafted by the landlords solicitors and are often heavily weighted in the landlords favour. The most important time for trying to get a proper balance into the lease is right at the beginning of the negotiations, before you have committed yourself and before the landlord or it's agent really knows you want the property. While they still think they could lose you they are more likely to make concessions. When they know you are committed emotionally even if not legally they will be more likely to play tough.

In an ideal world you would consult us before making an offer. We would then advise you on the terms to try and agree:

If in the enthusiasm of the moment you agree unfavourable terms before consulting your lawyer it is very hard to undo them afterwards.

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