Date: Thu 31 Dec 2009

Buying or Selling a house or a flat

We aim to make moving home as painless for our clients as it can be. No fuss, no bother. A proper, professional service.

Our office is in West London. You are welcome to visit us but you don't have to. We regularly act for clients all over the country, doing everything by post, the telephone and by email.

Below is some information you might find of interest.

Buying or selling a house or a flat is something most clients do just a few times in their lives. We do it everyday.

A few tips which might be helpful.

If you are buying, don't be afraid to bargain. Some sellers are tough and won't budge a penny, particularly if the property has only just gone on the market. Some may be keen to sell and will accept an offer 5%, 10% or even more below the asking price. No harm in trying.

Try and get the seller to agree what fixtures and fittings they will be leaving at the property. They are likely to be more generous when you are still deciding whether to buy or not than after you have made an offer and it has been accepted.

Don't be shy about going back to look at the property two or three times. It will probably be one of the biggest purchases of your lives so check it out thoroughly. Go and look around the neighbourhood. Are there any noisy pubs or clubs nearby, school traffic choking the roads at the beginning and end of the school day. Is the property next door well looked after or does it look like a tip. Have a look at websites such as to find out more about the area

If you are selling, talk to us before you do anything else. Don't wait until you find a buyer or a property you like. If you are selling we can sort out the conveyancing paperwork required before you even find a buyer and this can make the whole process quicker, easier and less stressful for you....and cheaper. If you are buying for the first time we are happy to give advice and tips based on our 30 plus years of experience which might make the whole process a bit less daunting

Here are a few tips about choosing the right estate agent. A good, long established, local firm may be better than a big chain with staff that come and go. Again, don't be afraid to negotiate over the fee. Most agents are willing to be flexible if it helps them get your business.

Whoever acts for you, check prices for similar properties yourself. That way you know if any offer you receive is fair or just a try on. Look at for other similar properties on the market or any of the websites which tell you what houses have sold for in your area such as or

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