Date: Thu 31 Dec 2009

Wills & Probate

Making a Will is simple. Just call us on Call us on 020 3633 4060.. We will talk it through with you and let you know the best way to do it.

For many people with straightforward lives, it can all be be done over the phone or by email. But if your life is a bit more complicated or you simply prefer it, you are welcome to come and see us and do it all face to face. If so, our office is at 190 Horn Lane, London W3 6PL. Just ring and make an appointment.

Home and hospital visits Or if poor health or old age prevents you or your friend or relative travelling to see us...we will visit you in your home or in hospital

Why use us? We provide a personal service by fully qualified solicitors. I have over 35 years experience and my colleagues over 20 years. We know what we are doing. And if you need anything else, like a Power of Attorney or a Living Will or transfering a property to your child or spouse...we can do that too.

No hidden extras No expensive add ons. We offer all our clients free secure storage for their Wills, if they want it. We won't try and sell you insurance or investments.

Cost. A normal Will is usually £250 plus VAT. If a couple want to make similar wills the second Will is half price at £125 plus VAT or £375 plus VAT for the pair. If you need more complicated ones the cost goes up a bit but not too much. For example' wills for parents of a child with a disability and who will need care after the parents have both died are normally £600 plus VAT. Again the second "Mirror Will" is half price

Home and Hospital visits. On top of the cost for the Will we do have to charge extra for the time we spend out of the office. How much depends on how long it takes but normally for someone within 1/2 an hours travel from our office, the extra cost is about £150 plus VAT per visit.

Undecided? If you want to know more about Wills and why you should have one read on.


A Will sets out exactly what you want to happen to your property after your death. It also can deal with other things such as who you would like to deal with all the formalities (your executor) and what kind of funeral service you would prefer.

The executor may be a trustworthy friend or relative or if you prefer, we would be pleased to act as your executors . There is no additional charge for appointing us and the charges incurred for administering an estate are the same whether we are your executors or not.

When deciding who to leave property or money to, you should bear in mind who is dependant on you and what you need to do to protect them. Everyone's circumstances are different but common points to consider are:

When you have worked out in your own mind who you want to give things to, please consider the following extra points:

What happens if you do not make a will?

Finally - without a Will you have no control over your affairs, and have to rely upon the rules made by Parliament. Even if these are satisfactory now, Parliament could change those rules at some future date.